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Elegant Wedding Cakes for Your Precious Day

Let us provide you with an edible work of art to set up a welcome treat for your wedding reception. Accompanying you in the most romantic moments of your life, our custom cakes in Melbourne will reflect your personal choices and love. We will provide you with an exceptional cake created with passion that will look and taste divine. Whether you need a classic wedding cake or a multi-tiered extravaganza, we can cater to any preference and provide a sculpted wedding cake to adorn the dessert table.

Our range of celebration cakes extends to Christening, Christmas and cakes for all special celebrations.

Popular Wedding Cakes

At Cakes of Distinction, we create many popular wedding cakes that are in high demand. From tall traditional cakes that are sure to impress guests through to small modern cakes that are more modest, we can supply a variety of popular cakes to cater to any taste, preference or theme.

Stylish Wedding Cakes

With years of experience designing beautiful cakes, our team possesses the talent to create stylish wedding cakes that look as good as they taste. Whether you prefer a classic or modern style, you can ensure your cake’s design will be on-trend, resulting in a beautiful creation that you and your guests are sure to adore.

Tall Wedding Cakes

Looking for a cake that will impress your guests? Tall wedding cakes provide a solution that is guaranteed to deliver on the wow factor. Tall cakes are a versatile choice, with many designs and styles possible. They’re also visually impressive, with multiple tiers stacked to create a single, elegant cake. Finally, they’re a great option if you have many guests to feed!

Round Wedding Cakes

For those looking for a more traditional option, round wedding cakes are a popular choice. We’ve had extensive experience creating designs for round cakes, giving us the ability to craft incredible single or multi-tier cakes that are perfect for completing your special day. We can also easily customise round cakes to suit your particular preferences.

Designer Wedding Cakes

As a provider of designer wedding cakes, we can create a range of stylish, original designs that tick all the boxes. Whatever your desires and tastes may entail, we can work with you to come up with a design that reflects your loving bond while perfectly complementing your wedding theme.

Buttercream Wedding Cakes

Easy to spread and highly customisable, buttercream is a type of icing that’s commonly used to create beautiful wedding cakes in a range of styles and designs. Flavour and colour can easily be added, allowing taste and appearance to be manipulated. Buttercream wedding cakes are neither heavy or too sweet, with the delicate icing complementing cake without overpowering it.

Small Wedding Cakes

Small wedding cakes are best-suited for smaller gatherings, perfect for couples who want the size of their cake to be proportional to the number of guests attending so nothing goes to waste. Smaller options can also be stylish in their simplicity, providing a simple and humble design that impresses through sheer elegance.

Square Wedding Cakes

Whether you’re looking for something a bit unconventional, have a preference for sharp, geometric designs, or simply want something that’s easier to cut, square wedding cakes are an ideal solution. We can design and create a variety of square cakes, including both single and multi-tiered options. We can also customise our square cakes to have sharp or rounded corners, catering to your preferences.

Traditional Wedding Cakes

Tall, white, classic and beautiful, traditional wedding cakes have never gone out of style. We can produce a number of traditional designs that are customisable to suit your tastes and preferences. Simply inform us of your dream cake and we’ll endeavour to make it a reality for your special day.

Rustic Wedding Cakes

With designs that are inspired by nature and the countryside, rustic wedding cakes are ideal for nature-loving couples. Our rustic designs are sure to please, containing elements that are simple, homely and down-to-earth. A rustic cake is also perfectly suited to an outdoor or country wedding, helping to complete the theme of your big day.

Vintage Wedding Cakes

Whether you’re planning a vintage wedding or simply prefer the styles of yesteryear, vintage wedding cakes can provide a beautiful and elegant solution. We can create a number of vintage designs based on your specific preferences, including cakes featuring cream and white icing, as well as floral, lace and pearl decorations.

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Wedding Cakes

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